Vehicle as a Service

Automate and Optimize Fleet Operations

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Streamline your Fleet Management

Reduce fleet downtime

Improve customer experience

Increase utilization and revenues


Increase conversion rate and maximize rebalancing ROI by predicting demand, calculating optimal rebalancing moves and automatically communicating them to driver and field agents.

Cleaning & Servicing

Clean and service vehicles that actually need to be cleaned rather than relying on static intervals.


Optimize your EV fleet with automated vehicle selection for charging, optimized for both charge level, future demand and optimal charging station location.

Delivery & Collection

Automatically assign resources (vehicles and drivers) for efficient and just-in-time delivery and collection activities.

The Platform

Optimization Engine

Advanced machine learning algorithms to automate fleet operations including Demand Prediction, Optimized Placement and Dynamic Pricing

Control Center

Fully customizable business and operational reporting suite, scheduled email reports and real time notifications

Driver App

Hands-off management and real-time routing of field agents. Configurable flows that can be triggered by geo-fencing

Integration Hub

Robust APIs for ingesting vehicle telematics data and integrating to any homegrown or 3rd party system of record

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